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Grandma Wore Hot Pants

Grandma Wore Hot Pants I don’t know quite how the conversation started. It was five months ago. I don’t remember much these days unless I document (which I do, often). But I didn’t write this one down.  Easier to make fæces up. Author’s Note: Someone complained recently I used naughty language in my posts. So …

What’s for Dinner? Conversations with a Colleague

I have a colleague whom I adore, admire, and try to emulate. Not in a creepy way, but in a “she’s so good, I’m inspired to do better” kind of way. She’s positive, energetic, upbeat and optimistic. Diligent and driven.   Opposites attract.   So when she says “screw them,” I listen. 🙂 And she’s right, I …

Storytelling NOT Storyshowing

Today I’m blog-hopping again with Romance Writers Weekly and the question on the bloghop today is from Leslie Hachtel who’s asked us: “What do you love best about your writing? Like the least? And what are you doing to fix the things you don’t like?” Thanks for dropping in from Fiona Riplee’s blog (or if you haven’t, don’t worry! …

Less of Me to Love

Less of Me to Love I know it’s been a while. For those who missed it, I had a fall and fractured a TVP (transverse process) and sprained my thoracic something and have another sprain to my sacro-something something. Yeah, it was fun. Having said all that: worse could have happened. So let’s give thanks …

Wooden Spoon Challenge: Starring Daffodil and Calyx

Wooden Spoon Challenge: Starring Daffodil and Calyx About the Wooden Spoon Challenge      I was challenged by Ms. Ella Grey (happy book birthday, btw) via the infamous Anastasia Vitsky to write a micro-story (2K) which meets the following parameters: includes a wooden spoon, includes a daffodil, and must be science fiction.      I …

The Heat is On

No. Not the Pontiac/Beverly Hills Cop tune. The heat is on for me to lose (TYPO story? I wrote “love” by accident.. but Freud posits there are no accidents) those last 29 pounds. Some of you kind souls my recall my blog from three years ago, chronicling my journey to lose the baby weight. Well, he’s …

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