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The Heat is On

No. Not the Pontiac/Beverly Hills Cop tune. The heat is on for me to lose (TYPO story? I wrote “love” by accident.. but Freud posits there are no accidents) those last 29 pounds. Some of you kind souls my recall my blog from three years ago, chronicling my journey to lose the baby weight. Well, he’s …

What to Get for those Hard-to-Buy-for People

Today I’m blog-hopping again with Romance Writers Weekly and the question on the bloghop today is from Leslie Hachtel who’s asked us: “If you could get anything in the world you wanted for Christmas, what would it be?” Thanks for joining us today from Leslie’s blog (or if I’m your first stop, follow the hop til you’ve come full-circle). …

Looking for My Lot’s Pillar of Salt

Looking for My Lot’s Pillar of Salt A blog I kept meaning to write was to be titled “Life in the Vaseline.” But not having heard the Eagles recently, today’s blog is about about a different return of the repressed (or not). It’s one of those blogs which struck me one day thanks to my streaming a 70s station …

Chocolate Icing

Prep time: Hard to say, depends how much you eat and have to replace. This is what my late mum would call a by-guess-and-by-golly recipe. 2 squares UNSWEETENED chocolate 2 tbsp butter 1/4 cup of milk (or whatever you have) 2 cups sifted icing sugar 1. Melt chocolate, butter and milk over the stove on …

Brownies (LOW-fat and MEDIUM-fat versions provided)

Here is a medium-fat and low-fat version of my old brownie recipe which I just found out is from the Baker’s Chocolate box. The shift from the old recipe is found in the butter and egg components. Normally I wouldn’t bother doing low-fat things but reality has set in that I’m middle-aged, spreading, and now at this writing 44 and pregnant. …

The Coffee Wars

What I am about to discuss is more contentious than Obamacare: The Coffee Wars. The Nespresso ads are a phenomenon and from what I can guess, half my friends (or more) got Keurigs for Christmas in 2012. I will imagine that many of them will develop coffee machine envy and soon all those Keurigs will …

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