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Brownies (LOW-fat and MEDIUM-fat versions provided)

Here is a medium-fat and low-fat version of my old brownie recipe which I just found out is from the Baker’s Chocolate box. The shift from the old recipe is found in the butter and egg components. Normally I wouldn’t bother doing low-fat things but reality has set in that I’m middle-aged, spreading, and now at this writing 44 and pregnant. …

Holy Shit! I’m in a Mall

Anyone who knows me personally, knows I’m borderline many things, not the least of which: agoraphobic. A few other things: I hate shopping I hate crowds I hate shopping I hate malls I am so not a shopper But guess what? It was Wednesday and my sitter showed up and I had to, just had …

Sorry About My Arms

Sorry About My Arms I’ve been out-of-town recently, in northern Alberta. And I mean Northern. And while there, I did atrocious things. Not the least of which: I ate gluten. I’m sorry now. I know better. Because I know the path to perdition and bat-wing triceps is paved with gluten. Gluten is the gateway to …

Best of Bridge: Baking with My Mum

Best of Bridge: Baking with My Mum A few things have happened in the two months (plus) since I’ve blogged. One? I was very sick. No. Really. Very sick. And it changed my life in a way I’m not quite ready to share here but I can tell you this: I bake more. I cook …

Flipping My Lids

Flipping My Lids I know what you’re thinking: that I have more than one head thus flipping my lids (plural) = super duper angry. But no. I have only one head (grew it myself from a kit at Michael’s) and I’m very slow to anger because I’m largely in a state of half-decaf numbity. (That’s …

The Heat is On

No. Not the Pontiac/Beverly Hills Cop tune. The heat is on for me to lose (TYPO story? I wrote “love” by accident.. but Freud posits there are no accidents) those last 29 pounds. Some of you kind souls my recall my blog from three years ago, chronicling my journey to lose the baby weight. Well, he’s …

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