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Less of Me to Love

Less of Me to Love I know it’s been a while. For those who missed it, I had a fall and fractured a TVP (transverse process) and sprained my thoracic something and have another sprain to my sacro-something something. Yeah, it was fun. Having said all that: worse could have happened. So let’s give thanks …

Failed Recipe #1: Irish Cream Yogurt

Failed Recipe #1: Irish Cream Yogurt Now that I’m on Weight Watchers…. 🙂   The first in a random series of recipes where I ALMOST got it right.   I know I know, what was I thinking, right? But I love Irish Cream. I’m just not a drinker. And I love yogurt. And I make my own …

Shut Up and Dance (or How I Learned to Love my Zumba Class)

Shut Up and Dance (or How I Learned to Love my Zumba Class) Back in 1993, whilst having a very neurotic moment, my bestie and I were taking coffee down on the waterfront. I was whining about something (probably how fat or ugly I thought I was and/or what a shitty writer I was and/or …

All You Need is LOVExtra

All you Need is LOVExtra Is it wrong to announce that I have started another site on my other blog? Because I forgot how to re-press myself (pun intended), here’s the CTRL-V from my new site, LOVExtra.com. I love romance. I love cozy mysteries. And I managed to convince a couple of friends to help …

My Lenten Resolve: Devotions for Douchebags

My Lenten Resolve: Devotions for Douchebags I know what you’re thinking. How horrid to connect Lent and Douchebaggery. Or maybe you’re taking the opposite view: how wonderful. In both cases, you may be right, you may be wrong. Who am I to control your discourse? I’m no fascist (using the term loosely since discourse control …

FLASH FICTION: Romance Writers Weekly

FLASH FICTION: Romance Writers Weekly NOTE: This is reblogged from my Lovextra.com site! Welcome to the Tuesday Romance Writers Weekly blog hop. This week, we’re all about flash fiction! Did you come by way of Brenda Margriet (author of Chef d’Amour and Mountain Fire)  http://www.brendamargriet.com/blog? Welcome! Multi-talented romance author J.J. Devine (historical, paranormal… the woman does …

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