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Is the Cup Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Yup. I know what you’re thinking: this blog is all about whether an “empty” cup (I don’t use glasses… that’s another blog for another day) isn’t really just chock-full of elements like nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon in their gaseous state… and who are we to be sniffy about privileging matter in its liquid form? It’s …

FLASH FICTION: Romance Writers Weekly (A Lizard is Involved)

FLASH FICTION: Romance Writers Weekly (A Lizard is Involved) NOTE: This is reblogged from my Lovextra.com site! Romance Writer’s Weekly is a group of writers who love everything about the romance genre. We’re comprised of traditionally-published and self-published authors, as well as those who aspire to publish (that’d be me… I… me?). We write in …

Ergo Coitus Neverhappenus

  Yo ho yo ho a writer’s life is not for me. A plotter’s life maybe. A planner and project manager, definitely. But writing? I’m paralyzed. One of my New Year’s Resolution’s is to finish ONE book (and to focus on that ONE book til I’m done). I have six on my desk. No kidding. Six …

Project Purse Dump: September 18, 2015 Tracey Gee

Project Purse Dump: September 18, 2015 Welcome to Week 1 of Project Purse Dump. I get to go first only so I can give the other wonderful people who’ve signed up a chance to get their blogs ready. Mine will be the dullest purse, I’m sure. First of all, I don’t carry a purse. That …

Heart Month 2015 | When A Friend Canvasses

Heart Month 2015 Well how BORING will this post be? What’s worse: a PowerPoint® presentation is involved. I tried to make my canvassing for Heart Month 2015 fun. I included puppies, kittens. Peppy music. Bright colours and fabulous transitions. Don’t worry, I’ll tweet it out a few million times til I make my goal of eleventy …

November 7th: The Day of Truth

I know what you’re thinking: the title should read November 8th: The Day of Truth: US Election Day. But this isn’t really about November 8th or Election Day in the US (my brother’s birthday, by the way. Happy Birthday, Geoff). And I’m 100% certain November 8 won’t be a Day of Truth no matter what …

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