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Failed Recipe #3: Raisin Bread

I’ve been clearing out blogs which have been in “drafts”for the last three millennia. Here’s one from 2013. I may have posted this under one of my killed-off pseudos but fortunately, none of you will (ok, a couple of you) remember/know/care. I wrote this back when someone had given me a bottle of Bailey’s for …

Heart Month 2015 | When A Friend Canvasses

Heart Month 2015 Well how BORING will this post be? What’s worse: a PowerPoint® presentation is involved. I tried to make my canvassing for Heart Month 2015 fun. I included puppies, kittens. Peppy music. Bright colours and fabulous transitions. Don’t worry, I’ll tweet it out a few million times til I make my goal of eleventy …

Flipping My Lids

Flipping My Lids I know what you’re thinking: that I have more than one head thus flipping my lids (plural) = super duper angry. But no. I have only one head (grew it myself from a kit at Michael’s) and I’m very slow to anger because I’m largely in a state of half-decaf numbity. (That’s …

Holy Shit! I’m in a Mall

Anyone who knows me personally, knows I’m borderline many things, not the least of which: agoraphobic. A few other things: I hate shopping I hate crowds I hate shopping I hate malls I am so not a shopper But guess what? It was Wednesday and my sitter showed up and I had to, just had …

How I Messed Up This Week (Nov 28, 2014)

Don’t worry, I have good news too. It’s interspersed this week. I weighed myself LAST Saturday and didn’t tell you what the numbers were (I posted the previous week’s numbers THEN went to the gym). Not that it’s your beeswax, but posting my weight does kinda sorta maybe keep me honest (not really). So what I …

Two by Two

If you’re a DIYer reading the title, you’ll likely think this is one of my infamous DIY stories. But seriously, what can I make with a 2×2? Ok, lots. Or if you’re very religious, your first thought may be Noah’s Arc. There you’d be wrong too. Two. 2. Darned homophones. No, 2 x 2 is how my …

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