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Letting Myself Go—Apparently

Letting Myself Go—Apparently ….and then my (potentially former) chiro said to me (last night) “Well of course you’ve really let yourself go, dear. But you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll get back to it, this year .” Apparently I let myself go. Not that I needed her to tell me. I figured it …

Wooden Spoon Challenge: Starring Daffodil and Calyx

Wooden Spoon Challenge: Starring Daffodil and Calyx About the Wooden Spoon Challenge      I was challenged by Ms. Ella Grey (happy book birthday, btw) via the infamous Anastasia Vitsky to write a micro-story (2K) which meets the following parameters: includes a wooden spoon, includes a daffodil, and must be science fiction.      I …

All Gussied Up

All Gussied Up I guess this is more for the women in the reading audience, rather than the men who often pale at the words “perineum” or “discharge.” There, that cleared the room. Let’s talk amongst ourselves. Let’s start by talking about gussets. And how my gusset, possibly yours too, does not align with that which …

Look Up, Waaaaaaaaaaay Up

I know what you’re thinking. This is a blog about Bob Ross Day, which was observed last July (2016)  in my kitchen. And there you’d be right, which means all the action here takes place in July 2016 (or earlier, except for this writing here, right here, which is March 5, 2017). Look Up, Waaaaaaaaaaay Up …

Windows Update

Windows Update I know what you’re thinking: this is a blog about Kim Kardashian. And there you’d be bang on. There are a couple of things I don’t like to see on my computer. The neverending story of the Windows Update The amount of space celebrity discourse takes up on my Facebook feed. The Windows update, …

Heart Month 2015 | When A Friend Canvasses

Heart Month 2015 Well how BORING will this post be? What’s worse: a PowerPoint® presentation is involved. I tried to make my canvassing for Heart Month 2015 fun. I included puppies, kittens. Peppy music. Bright colours and fabulous transitions. Don’t worry, I’ll tweet it out a few million times til I make my goal of eleventy …

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