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Looking for My Lot’s Pillar of Salt

Looking for My Lot’s Pillar of Salt A blog I kept meaning to write was to be titled “Life in the Vaseline.” But not having heard the Eagles recently, today’s blog is about about a different return of the repressed (or not). It’s one of those blogs which struck me one day thanks to my streaming a 70s station …

Is the Cup Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Yup. I know what you’re thinking: this blog is all about whether an “empty” cup (I don’t use glasses… that’s another blog for another day) isn’t really just chock-full of elements like nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon in their gaseous state… and who are we to be sniffy about privileging matter in its liquid form? It’s …

Hoo Hoo Boo Boo

Hoo Hoo Boo Boo WARNING: Some of you may be squeamish. You should avert your eyes or put on Netflix and just casually scroll through this while you decide between Orange is the New Black or Daredevil. This is not about what you think. Owls. You think this is about owls and there you’d be wrong.  From …

Ergo Coitus Neverhappenus

  Yo ho yo ho a writer’s life is not for me. A plotter’s life maybe. A planner and project manager, definitely. But writing? I’m paralyzed. One of my New Year’s Resolution’s is to finish ONE book (and to focus on that ONE book til I’m done). I have six on my desk. No kidding. Six …

What’s for Dinner? Conversations with a Colleague

I have a colleague whom I adore, admire, and try to emulate. Not in a creepy way, but in a “she’s so good, I’m inspired to do better” kind of way. She’s positive, energetic, upbeat and optimistic. Diligent and driven.   Opposites attract.   So when she says “screw them,” I listen. 🙂 And she’s right, I …

It’s Not What You Think

It Snot What You Think There are a few things I could say about this post, in addition to this post, as a meta post, but I’m embarrassed. First: I took TWO photos for this featured image and not only did I forget I took the first one, but I emailed them BOTH to myself later …

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