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Failed Recipes # 2: Kale, Chia, Oatbran, and Chocolate Chip Pancakes

  You may think the title of this blog alone tells the problem: my use of the Oxford comma. Some people will tell you straight up that where I went wrong here was the use of the Oxford comma. But there you’d be wrong. I did NOT use “oatbran and chocolate” chips in my recipe. Not to get all …

The PITA Factor

The PITA Factor? I know what you’re thinking: a blog about pitas! Yahoo! Not really. Pitas have their charms. I made some yesterday (yup, from scratch, because I was wasting time so I wouldn’t have to face the obvious: I’m out of ideas for my non-book). The PITA Factor is the Pain-In-The-Arse Factor. But my …

What I’ve Done Wrong This Week (Nov 21, 2014)

I think it’s true, a picture is worth a thousand words. And here’s my morning (cast thy eyes to screen right). Not really. I hate marshmallows. Unless they’re dipped in dark chocolate. Then we have a product. I pinched these from one of the kids and placed them here to make myself look capricious and devil-may-care …

Brownies (LOW-fat and MEDIUM-fat versions provided)

Here is a medium-fat and low-fat version of my old brownie recipe which I just found out is from the Baker’s Chocolate box. The shift from the old recipe is found in the butter and egg components. Normally I wouldn’t bother doing low-fat things but reality has set in that I’m middle-aged, spreading, and now at this writing 44 and pregnant. …

November 7th: The Day of Truth

I know what you’re thinking: the title should read November 8th: The Day of Truth: US Election Day. But this isn’t really about November 8th or Election Day in the US (my brother’s birthday, by the way. Happy Birthday, Geoff). And I’m 100% certain November 8 won’t be a Day of Truth no matter what …

How I Messed Up This Week (Nov 28, 2014)

Don’t worry, I have good news too. It’s interspersed this week. I weighed myself LAST Saturday and didn’t tell you what the numbers were (I posted the previous week’s numbers THEN went to the gym). Not that it’s your beeswax, but posting my weight does kinda sorta maybe keep me honest (not really). So what I …

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