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updated January 5, 2018

About This Blog: Old Enough and Ugly Enough

Bright light! Bright light! (Sure, you saw Gremlins, didn’t you?)

This must be true because I read it on Instagram:

Tracey Gee 😻 Job 1:21 | Erstwhile syndicated blogger, public and private-sector has-been. Now a cat. I bake with butter. Recovering from #cartiva surgery.

This blog is one of my outlets. Why? I eat stress. Lots of it. I’m a closet extrovert.

When I’m not busy running my mouth, building other people’s sites, doing their SEO or writing their business copy, I’m trying desperately to write a book which is worthy of a publisher’s notice. The first six were stinkers, let me tell you.

In the absence of all this: I play piano and classical guitar—badly—and go to Zumba. My own true love. I love to box. I eschew malls.

I was, until health issues arose, very proud to be a part of  Romance Writers Weekly who, for unknown reasons, have graciously invited and kept me within their fold. I’m taking a break from many things, these days, but have kept my RWW blogs up here for posterity. Find them on Facebook!

My website is here, eh?