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All You Need is LOVExtra

All You Need is LOVExtra

All you Need is LOVExtra

Is it wrong to announce that I have started another site on my other blog? Because I forgot how to re-press myself (pun intended), here’s the CTRL-V from my new site, LOVExtra.com. I love romance. I love cozy mysteries. And I managed to convince a couple of friends to help me out in this insanity.


For those not into bouncing off this glorious site here, the announcement is below:

Almost There

What could be more exciting than the launch of a new site?

Free Nutella comes to mind.

Calorie-free Hallowe’en candy. And by that I don’t mean candy which has been doctored with strange additives which cause anal leakage. I mean REAL Hallowe’en candy which is free of calories, magically. Like unicorn toots and the laughter of fairies.

In the absence of these things, I will settle myself with the launch, or semi-launch, of LOVExtra. For those who know me, you know I love love love romance, and cozy mysteries. And finally I find a way to bring my two loves (other than mini-Snickers bars and Colin Firth) together.

So we are almost there and we’re glad you have joined us!

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