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Conversations with my Sister-Wife

Conversations with my Sister-Wife

SisterWife-001Conversations with my Sister-Wife

I think everyone should have a sister, or a wife. When both happens, it’s magic. I have three sisters, no wives, but I do have a Sister-Wife.

Unfortunately, she lives in another town. Far far away (my car is tricky and doesn’t want to go into 4th gear, making highway driving kinda scary).

I’ll call her JJ.

JJ is the most amazing woman whom I’ve only met once. Meaning of all the women I’ve met once, she’s the best. Kidding. Just making a grammar joke on myself (I hate the term “Grammar Nazi” but that’s another post). I’ve “met” her once, and she’s also the most amazing woman.

She raises four wonderful happy kids, does crafty cool things (singularly or with them), has a great sense of humour, a kind heart, and most importantly: she tolerates my whining insanity and actually seems to seek out my company.

She’s not really my Sister-Wife, but if I had one, she’d be it.

Now I know what you’re thinking… Sister Wives. Bad TV (but yum, on the right day) made worse by the fact that Kody is clearly a greasy creep. So perhaps Sister-Wife is a bad term (but see, I’ve hyphenated it so I’ve made the term “my own”). I use it differently.

What I lack in this world is female fellowship. I’m isolated and if it weren’t for the internet (and the Momfia, more on them later), I’d go semi-bonkers on those days I need, NEED, some sisterly companionship. So I think adding “wife” to sister a) is fun and b) makes the relationship more close. If I lived in a commune, JJ is the one I’d want living with me.

So our relationship takes the form of text messaging, “likes” and little hearts on Instagram, PMs. We rarely talk (between us we have six little kids… talk on the phone? As if!). So these “conversations” are sporadic, often unexpected. They’re good news, bad news, rants, fabulous typos (thank you Google Voice for making it so special).

Conversations with my Sister-Wife make my day. Thank you, JJ, for being there, somewhere, far away but always next to me.

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