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I know what you’re thinking. This is a blog about spots on my ears. Or yours. Close, but no vape. While it is ultimately a thinly veiled attempt to bring topology to the rupture in the relationship between Lionel Richie and the Commodores, and make a cheap pun on Brick House and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse… what this is really about is my trainspotting whilst the …. well, see below:


The kidlets have been sick and I’ve been not able to work as much, thus left to the realm of my personal Zen kōans.

I was relegated to watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which I secretly grok. But not having watched it in a while, I was reminded of something so trippy and cool:

The mouse ears are gyrostabilized.

Have you seen the show? Here are a few shots from it.




Do you see what I see? The ears are full frontal ALL THE TIME. So are Minnie’s. In the first image, Mickey has a full-blown EarHawk (which is like a Mohawk but for ears). As he turns his head to break the fourth wall, the ears DO NOT MOVE. They are still full frontal. At best, they tilt.

I think a wee video may show this better. For those of you who drink, I strongly urge you to grab a fifth of fortitude and tuck in. If you’re prone to dropping acid, grab some blotter (as always, eschew the brown) and come back in about an hour (but remember, don’t look into the mirror or this may happen to you).

I know! Right?  His head did a swish pan while his ears stayed front and centre. 

So that’s my first imponderable for this round of flu.

I wonder how that meeting went. Obviously it’s to do with branding and every show has a “book” which sets out rules. Meeting? There were probably at least ten. A few white papers, and a PowerPoint. 

Rules for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Obviously rule #1 for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is:

The ears are never in profile.

Second rule?

No one talks about rule #1.

If only Mickey were real (don’t read this, children). Can you imagine his physiology? I wish we could do this, but for arms and legs. How many times have I wanted an arm BEHIND me. Seriously.

Disney, as always, really has latched onto something fantastic.

Something else fun? Toodles, the handy-dandy flying helper. Precursor to virtual assistants everywhere, limbless Toodles is At One with hammerspace, conjuring anything from behemoth-sized drinking straws (to be used as a slide, when one need egress from a balloon… because, you know, that happens) to power tools. Got it? Toodles. 

Toodles, from the Disney wiki

Toodles’ name, in French, is Tourniquet.

Yeah, you read it. Tourniquet. I wonder who was in that meeting. Or maybe that was a quick visit with Google Translate by some hapless intern.

I have pondered that longer than I have pondered how the Commodores managed to produce both Brick House AND Three Times a Lady and yet not foresee that Lionel Richie was going to take a walk.

Which is to say, you can see the points of connection, but also the wedge

Did someone say Brick House?

I don’t spend a lot of time on the hammerspace issue. I just accept that. I’ve grown up on Bugs Bunny so hammerspace and six dimensions and the colour infraorange all make sense to me.

The ears? I wonder that no one mentions it. I keep waiting for Donald or Goofy (or at least my kids) to go Whoa! Dude! Your ears! Doesn’t that hurt?

But then, I also wait for the Day of Equality where Daisy can walk around bare-bottomed like her boyfriend. They’re waterfowl after all which is, I assume, the reason Donald can zip around with his feathery bits waving about for all and sundry to admire. Doesn’t Daisy swim? Where does she keep her shoes? 

By the way, my kids hadn’t noticed the ears. I am not sure exactly when I noticed but it was early on: like the disrupture between the Commodores and Lionel Richie.

Sure, I was only 11-13 during those tempestuous times but even I knew that there was something there.

What I’m reading

Two goodies, people.

Body in the Landscape by Larissa Reinhart (cozy mystery, humour)

His to Keep by Terri L Austin (contemporary romance, erotic romance, and pretty freaking funny too)

Only just started both but I assure you they are both 5 stars.


I’ve had many food-blog requests recently… so the next blog may possibly include some stress-eat suggestions.

Or not.

And don’t be shy. It’s easy to subscribe to my blog. The form is in the right-hand sidebar at the very top. See where it says “Heck yeah!” That’s where it done be… unless you read on a mobile device. Then, like Keanu Reeves on Celebrity Jeopardy, I have no idea.

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