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Heart Month 2015 | When A Friend Canvasses

Heart Month 2015 | When A Friend Canvasses

Heart Month 2015

Well how BORING will this post be? What’s worse: a PowerPoint® presentation is involved.

I tried to make my canvassing for Heart Month 2015 fun. I included puppies, kittens. Peppy music. Bright colours and fabulous transitions.

Don’t worry, I’ll tweet it out a few million times til I make my goal of eleventy billion dollars.

Quick heart and stroke fact: 

Every seven minutes in Canada, a life is taken by heart disease or stroke.


I’ll be coordinating some efforts this year with romance author Jessica Cale. She’ll be canvassing for the American Heart Foundation. I have the jump on her a bit because I’ve done this previously. Badly. Maybe this is my year to shine?

For those with a loose $5 or $10, please consider popping it here. And enjoy the show.

Oh, clicking this image will take you to the YouTube video made from my PPS. Sound off is best because I found the WMV didn’t quite jive with the PPS. Boo hiss. 


Or feel free to download the show to your computer by clicking here:

Canvassing Coping Strategies – by Tracey Gee -2015

Or save yourself the grief of watching that presentation and just donate, already.


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