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What’s for Dinner? Conversations with a Colleague

What’s for Dinner? Conversations with a Colleague

Elephant-buttI have a colleague whom I adore, admire, and try to emulate. Not in a creepy way, but in a “she’s so good, I’m inspired to do better” kind of way. She’s positive, energetic, upbeat and optimistic. Diligent and driven.


Opposites attract.


So when she says “screw them,” I listen. 🙂 And she’s right, I do need time off. But since that’s not going to happen, the best I can do is amuse myself by disrupting the rest of her day with text messages and Whatsapp. 


Chin Strap-on DildoMaybe a link or two for the Chin Strap-on Dildo Demo (boy that really pops off the page, doesn’t it?). You may guess, it’s only kinda sorta SFW (safe for work).


I should add, I’m not mocking the product on the link I just shared. I respect very much that someone got this designed, made, and to market. I know more about the novelty item biz than I care to admit.


But let’s face it (pardon the pun), it’s hard (pardon the pun) not to laugh. I admire kinksters because they either roll with it, or are just so driven by the kink that they aren’t repressed enough to be amused. Again, not saying this in a sniffy self-righteous way. I’m hideously repressed and even thinking about my nibby bits makes me blush. I laugh if someone says “balls.” Bizarrely, despite her very Christian nature, my colleague says “balls” a lot. Apparently a favourite epithet of her late father so who am I to question? I wouldn’t say “balls” if my mouth were full of them.


MedicalGradeSiliconeWhere was I? Oh yes, Melody (yup, her real name’s Melody because her mother was a Josie and the Pussy Cats fan, but no one believes her when she introduces herself so she has to tell the story EVERY time and it just kills me). It’s just that unlike me, Melody works IN an office (I work at home, I’m an agoraphobic freelancer). And that office has an “open door policy” which doesn’t mean you can discuss anything with the CEO (far from it) but that you are NOT allowed to close your office door or windows. So something like this is a treat to the nth degree. I know she can only look at the Whatsapp snap I sent. She’ll have to go home to enjoy. After I sent her the screen grab of the Chin Strap, our conversation declined like a German noun, as you can see (stage right).


My great pleasure today, like so many of the pleasures of an agoraphobic, is imagining her laughter. She has a great laugh. Someone filled with such warm energy is bound to have a great laugh. And I can only hope and dream that she gets one of these for her boyfriend this holiday season.


And she’s right. I need some time off. But in the absence of that, I have the loving embrace of distraction.


Either way, I think we ended the day on a high note.

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