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Would You Rather? | #lovechatwrite #bloghop

Today I’m blog-hopping again with Romance Writers Weekly and the question on the blog hop today is from Jenna Da Sie. We’re talkin’ a festive game of  Would You Rather…? Would you rather? 1) Would you rather go way back in time and meet your ancestors pre-1800’s or go way into the future and meet your great grandchildren …

Writing Quirks. What Works.

This is a reblog from my romance site, LOVExtra.com (currently offline while I retool) January 20, 2015   Writing Quirks. What Works. (Romance Writers Weekly) First, I’m pleased to say that this is my first blog with the wonderful group Romance Writers Weekly, who’ve graciously invited me to join their fold. Welcome from Xio Axelrod’s …

The Momfia Getaway

I know what you’re thinking: this is a blog about the Momfia and their daring escape from their latest caper (thus keeping their bail money for another day). You’re probably right. But the weekend has only begun and I’m not there as their designated driver. Since I don’t drink, I’d be the perfect driver for the …

The Heat is On

No. Not the Pontiac/Beverly Hills Cop tune. The heat is on for me to lose (TYPO story? I wrote “love” by accident.. but Freud posits there are no accidents) those last 29 pounds. Some of you kind souls my recall my blog from three years ago, chronicling my journey to lose the baby weight. Well, he’s …

Brownies (LOW-fat and MEDIUM-fat versions provided)

Here is a medium-fat and low-fat version of my old brownie recipe which I just found out is from the Baker’s Chocolate box. The shift from the old recipe is found in the butter and egg components. Normally I wouldn’t bother doing low-fat things but reality has set in that I’m middle-aged, spreading, and now at this writing 44 and pregnant. …

And Suddenly I Realized, I was 54 and Pregnant

There are, I know, a few of you can identify with this. I was in a change room today and as I stood semi-naked in front of what I was praying was a one-way mirror, I realized: Here I am, 54 and six months pregnant, WTF? I know what you’re thinking: what a way to …

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