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The Dudess Abides

THE DUDESS ABIDES I know what you’re thinking: this is a blog about The Big Lebowski. There you’d be wrong. Or are you? It’s true, my love for Sam Elliott abides, in a pure and innocent way. But as we’re both married to other people, to covet each other would be wrong. But first, since …

FLASH FICTION: Romance Writers Weekly

FLASH FICTION: Romance Writers Weekly NOTE: This is reblogged from my Lovextra.com site! Welcome to the Tuesday Romance Writers Weekly blog hop. This week, we’re all about flash fiction! Did you come by way of Brenda Margriet (author of Chef d’Amour and Mountain Fire)  http://www.brendamargriet.com/blog? Welcome! Multi-talented romance author J.J. Devine (historical, paranormal… the woman does …

Not Enough Sand in the Writing Cave

Hard to know where to start with this photo shown above. I’ll tell you the first thing which came to mind: a lawyer joke. In the 80s and 90s, I worked in an accounting and consulting firm as a Research Associate (or some such title) and I heard a lot of lawyer jokes. So this …

The PITA Factor

The PITA Factor? I know what you’re thinking: a blog about pitas! Yahoo! Not really. Pitas have their charms. I made some yesterday (yup, from scratch, because I was wasting time so I wouldn’t have to face the obvious: I’m out of ideas for my non-book). The PITA Factor is the Pain-In-The-Arse Factor. But my …

Shut Up and Dance (or How I Learned to Love my Zumba Class)

Shut Up and Dance (or How I Learned to Love my Zumba Class) Back in 1993, whilst having a very neurotic moment, my bestie and I were taking coffee down on the waterfront. I was whining about something (probably how fat or ugly I thought I was and/or what a shitty writer I was and/or …

Grandma Wore Hot Pants

Grandma Wore Hot Pants I don’t know quite how the conversation started. It was five months ago. I don’t remember much these days unless I document (which I do, often). But I didn’t write this one down.  Easier to make fæces up. Author’s Note: Someone complained recently I used naughty language in my posts. So …

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