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Bring those Yummy Buns

Bring those Yummy Buns

First, I’m sorry I haven’t written in two months. This is my busiest season, and my fervent hope for December is that I’m writing my own stuff, not making any more websites. 🙂

Bring those Yummy Buns

What could this possibly be about?

  1. My tuchus?
  2. My baking?
  3. My tuchus as affected by my baking?
  4. All the above?


Oh you know me, that’s just a rhetorical question.

The real nugget?

Everyone should have a friend named Irene.

I have one and I can highly recommend her. She’s that friend who always (however forcefully, however gently) helps you to do better.

That means I’m actually getting to the gym on a daily basis now. Irene drags me out for not one but TWO classes every day. TWO. Always seems to involve cardio, weight-bearing exercise, and a lot of lactic acid fermentation. She’ll drag me to Body Pump, then Zumba. And those of you regular to my blog know my love of Zumba. But Zumba after lifting weights in a rhythmic and ongoing way for an hour? Really?

Yeah, I went. Irene gently taps into my fiercely competitive soul.

Irene is that person who cuts you with a “you can do it” look when you gaze back at her during Body Pump like you’re going to barf. She lifts more than I do and frankly I want to kick her patootie; so I pick that bar up and heave it. Like most cool people, she is oblivious to my pathetic attempt to show her up. 

Irene is that person who sends you a message at some ungodly hour (before 9am) and is clearly trying to suss you out, see if you’ll go to the gym at 05:45 for Body Combat.


Irene is that person who knows that one day I’ll do it. Just to show her that I can. Like me, she has two energetic boys, and a job. Why can she get up and I can’t? She doesn’t ask or judge. She just leaves it there for me to pick up.

A bit about Irene and Zumba

I have finally found someone who shares my affective for Zumba, as well as my aptitude. Nice to finally have one other person go left when everyone goes right. Who’s still waving their arms when everyone else is double-tapping their toes then lunging. I give a little prayer of thanks for Irene who gives up without giving up when it comes to rhythm and following steps.

A bit about Barfing and Hot Yoga

This will be another blog but I want to bring it up since the gym is on my mind; I want to caution all of you with a competitive spirit but a weak stomach: If you haven’t gone to hot yoga in 10-12 years, hitting the 106 degree Power Yoga class is a bad idea. Chaturanga Dandasana, under the wrong circumstances, is lethal, if not embarrassing.

Update on my Weight Stagnation Journey?

Glad you asked. I’m down 17 pounds thank you. Goal for New Year’s Eve? To see 139.9 on the scale. 

Oh, right, my Yummy Buns.

The boys really did eat them all. And here’s a link to the recipe. I mostly followed it and it’s fairly easy. If you roll ’em right, 3 Weight Watchers points. Otherwise, you’re looking at 9. Roll prudently, friends.


What I’m reading these days

Collette Cameron: Heartbreak and Honor | Highland Heather Romancing A Scot Series, Book 3 (romance, Scottish, Regency, and sweet).

Randall Munroe: Just finishing off What If? (Science, non-fiction)

Next up: TWO by Terri L Austin

Diner Knock Out (A Rose Strickland Mystery Book 4) (Cozy Mystery)

His Kind of Trouble (Beauty and the Brit) (Contemporary Romance)



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