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FLASH FICTION: Romance Writers Weekly (A Lizard is Involved)

FLASH FICTION: Romance Writers Weekly (A Lizard is Involved)

FLASH FICTION: Romance Writers Weekly (A Lizard is Involved)

Romance Writers Weekly

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Romance Writer’s Weekly is a group of writers who love everything about the romance genre. We’re comprised of traditionally-published and self-published authors, as well as those who aspire to publish (that’d be me… I… me?). We write in nearly every sub-genre of romance, from contemporary to historical, paranormal to suspense. If you love reading romance you’re sure to find something you like these! So if you are a reader, writer, reviewer or book club member, feel free to contact us, we welcome your interest.

Veronica Forand wants us to do some Flash Fiction- 100 words- using: Spring, coffee, and lizard. The book trailer for Veronica’s UNTRUE COLORS was recently profiled on USA Today. Have a look. Lizard_-_Original_Vinyl_CoverAnother of our members, Sarah Hegger, has a release today! What a week! Tootle on over and lay your hands onto a copy of Nobody’s Angel (review to be posted here very soon). And not to name-drop or anything but if you have arrived from J.J. Devine’s flash fiction offering, welcome! If not, make sure you get back there. While I was tempted to write a story referring to King Crimson’s third album, Lizard, I appreciated it was “Spring” which was capitalized, not “lizard.” Too bad. The opportunity to write a prog-rock love story (and any excuse to tip the hat to Robert Fripp)  in 100 words or less is nothing to be sneezed at. Perhaps next week?

A lizard walks into a coffee bar one Spring day. Yeah, you knew I’d cheat.

Flash Fiction: Love’s Lizard Lost

Being a Komodo is over-rated, she mourned. Beatrice (pronounced the Italian way), a product of island gigantism, despaired. She felt she should be the tiniest Jaragua lizard. Geography rallied—and smashed—her dreams to be petite. Piotr anguished for his bulky love. The more he chased, the more she ran. Unaware of her attempt to de-super-size herself through cross-training, Piotr suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. But it was Spring, his love was hotter than coffee. Last chance: “I love you,” he said. “I’m zaftig,” she replied. “Never, my love,” pause. “My Newt.” They lived happily ever after.

You’re welcome.

Be sure to drop by  Elizabeth Janette’s blog http://elizabeth-janette.blogspot.com for her offering of this week’s Flash Fiction.

Lizard and coffee-FEATURED

PS. Addendum as of 13:14 yesterday: I received a SURPRISE cake today and I wanted to share because the bakery who made it is utterly delightful and the cake was deelish. Please tootle by Sweet Peas FB page and drop them a “like”. And the wonderful people who sent it? FreshBooks! Keeping me (and my accounting) sane for 10 years now. Throw them some love, too.


My first surprise cake delivery. So much fun! #FreshBooksRocks Posted by Sweet Peas onTuesday, March 31, 2015


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