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How I Messed Up This Week (Nov 28, 2014)

How I Messed Up This Week (Nov 28, 2014)
My Weight Nov 28/14
I hate to say this, but I was buck-nekkid for this weigh-in.

Don’t worry, I have good news too. It’s interspersed this week.

I weighed myself LAST Saturday and didn’t tell you what the numbers were (I posted the previous week’s numbers THEN went to the gym).

Not that it’s your beeswax, but posting my weight does kinda sorta maybe keep me honest (not really).

  • So what I did wrong was NOT post my weight.
  • What I did right was post it now.

Can you tell I’ve been binge-watching My Name is Earl?

  • I got some writing in (good).
  • I ignored one of my clients because he pisses me off (bad).

What should I have done? I know the answer: be pro-active and dump him. He irks me greatly. Maybe that will be next week.

Evil little trog with the eyes of a crazy horse.

I wrote a blog which will be coming out in December for the lovely Ana. If you are fearful of F/F spanking stories, stay away. The blog is about how much I detest the Elf on the Shelf. You’ve been warned. One thing I did not put into my blog: how it gets up my nose they call this freaking thing a tradition when it’s younger than my newest pair of hip-hugger granny pants. Screw you, Elf.

  • I only went to the gym once, this week.
  • I will go to the gym tonight.

In other news: I did reviews for these three books (soon to be posted on LOVExtra.com):

Next up? Just started Double Strike by Gretchen Archer. I know I will love it.

Canvassing for the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation

I did one other good thing this week: I signed up to canvass for the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation this year. My campaign page is here. $10 will get you a tax receipt (if you’re Canadian, eh?).


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