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My FIRST (not LAST) Kitten Video

My FIRST (not LAST) Kitten Video

My FIRST (not LAST) Kitten Video

One of the things I wanted to do this year was make a video. I shoot them, but I don’t post them. I even have an undergrad in Film (and a few other things, I was there for six years, long story). Go figure. Twenty-plus years later, I’m finally “showing” a film.

While tweaking on After Eights, I decided to post my first kitten video. Sadly, my son and I made annotations and little comment bubbles but those didn’t save. Yeah, we’re newbies. But hey, I can cross this off my “bucket list.” (I never saw the film, I get the idea.)

But soft, a rhetorical question is heard…

What’s that? Where can you view this 2:42 tidbit of wonder?

Glad you asked. It’s here (please don’t leave me):


Or here, if you’re all about the embedding:

Why leave this lovely blog if you don’t have to?

Just to warn you, it’s a kitten video. They are washing each other’s ears. It’s insanely adorable unless you are NOT a cat person. Then it’s kinda like a non-film person watching Michael Snow’s Wavelength while having desperately to pee. Actually even for some film people, that’s a tough one. But nowhere near as excruciating as watching Warhol’s Blow Job. Another blog for another day.

For friends with kids: in the background, around 2:00 I think, you can hear my boys shooting their air darts at the TV screen while Caillou was on. Bulls-eye! Every parent who’s sat through Caillou is now nodding. You’re welcome.

Did Someone say After Eights?

Oh right, I did. Hubs bought me FOUR boxes of After Eights for Christmas. This is the storm before the calm. So far I’ve only tackled ONE box. Plus the additional one mint my son just brought me now (as I write this) claiming it was for himself. Poor hubs believed him. It’s the freckles, I tell ya.

So this reminds me. Have I mentioned that so far I’ve survived Christmas without going above the dreaded 160 lb mark? 

I am proud to report that despite the box of After Eights, and the box of Ferrero Rocher (big box), I’m still under 160 lbs. 

My New Diet

Alright, here’s my theory: if it’s true that green tea ups your metabolism by 4%, then it should follow that I can have X number of After Eights per day, commensurate with my green tea consumption.

 So, if I’m on a 1,200 calorie-a-day diet, and 1 After Eight is 40 calories. Four per cent of 1,200 is 48. So I need to have 1.12 cups of green tea after each mint to maintain. Every tea and mint is a freebie.  

Actually, I know that’s kinda wrong. Here’s what the equation really looks like (my other degree was in Topology, maybe):

Nah, I’m full of shit. This is Arnold’s Cat Map.

 For more about Arnold’s Cat Map (because I know you wanna), clickez-vous here.

My Real New Diet

Stop binge-eating After Eights. Back to the gym. Stop working so effing much (seriously, I’m not that important) and sit back, watch the cats clean each other’s ears, have a tea and a mint, and give thanks for all I have. Maybe cut through my TBR pile, which is HUGE.

And now, back to work for me. It’s a working holiday this year. I’m fixing up some corporate websites, forced to produce douchey lines like: 

Our products have become a gold standard for onboarding teams, emerging leaders and executive leadership. Our clients have achieved measurable and sustainable business success by learning our unique processes, strategies, and structured techniques. 

So far I’ve only used the word “actioning” twice.

Just for the record, those tidbits above are the edited versions, after I wrote the originals. I just want you all to know how much it blows monkey chunks to do this over the holidays. What else can one do with a degree in Film and Topology, I ask?

And I would never NEVER willingly say anything as puke-provoking as onboarding or actioning unless Colin Firth tickled me ’til I said yes.

Dadgum right 2014 is ending with a bang!

P.S. Sadly, After Eights were harmed in the making of this blog. 


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