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The Paper Bag Party

The Paper Bag Party

I’ve set myself a goal: first draft of The Paper Bag Party (romantic comedy) due 2015. I haven’t decided WHEN exactly in 2015, but there you go. I either have 9 months or 20.  I have coerced a few author friends to beta-read for me:  Anise Rae, Terri L Austin, and Linda Joyce. Thank you ladies.

Paragraph one is now done.

As the photo suggests, a cat is involved. How could a cat NOT be involved, I ask? Rhetorically.

Here’s the intrepid first line:

I always felt kind of dumb wearing a paper bag over my head but eventually curiosity got the better of me. And if everyone at the party has a paper bag over their head, why not me? If you can believe it, I have never even been to a Paper Bag Party. Sad but true. Every one of my liberated friends has been to one. Hard to comprehend I’m in marketing when I’m so otherwise out-of-touch with trends.

About My Beta Readers

Fortunately for me, the kind ladies who either offered to beta-read, or at least didn’t say “no” on my FB wall, are these wonderful authors:

Linda Joyce award-winning author of Bayou Born and Bayou Bound (books I and II, respectively, of her Fleur-de-Lis series). Contemporary romance set in the steamy south.

Anise Rae whose first book, Syphon’s Song (Mayflower Mages Book One) was published this March by Lyrical Press.

Terri L Austin who–unbeknownst to her–doubles as my soul-sister-wife is the author of the Rose Strickland Mystery series (Henery Press): Diners, Dives, & Dead Ends, Last Diner Standing, and Diner Impossible, as well as contributor to Heartache Motel: Three Interconnected Mystery Novellas (Henery Press Mystery Novellas). Terri has a romance series starting shortly with SourceBooks: His Every Need.


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