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The Purse Dump Project

The Purse Dump Project

The Purse Dump Project

Quickie update (Thurs Sept 3/15) we’re now booking into 2016! When you email us, please suggest a few dates in the New Year!

One day (yesterday) romance author Jessica Cale and I Skyped about the contents of our purses.

First of all: That was a lie. I don’t have a purse. I have a knapsack.

Second: We actually did NOT discuss our purses, but instead how interesting it could be for others to do a purse dump and see what comes up. It’s Jess’s fault:



I was amazed (and not a little in awe). And this got me to thinking what’s in MY purse? And the pockets and purses of others (knapsacks, car caddies).

In short: what’s in that which we need to carry our necessities, when we leave the house.

#awkardsentence #movingon

Please note: while it’s true most of my personal associates are authors, one needn’t be one to participate. Just have a blog, darn it.

So let’s do a purse dump, friends. What Jess and I want to suggest is the following schemy scheme to start on Fridays, beginning September 18, 2015.

  1. Let us know you want to participate (email me, Tracey Gee, at pursedump@lovextra.com). Seriously, that’s the email.
  2. We need to know the following so we can schedule this up without having to do a Google Docs (ew).
    1. Your name/pseudo
    2. Blog URL
    3. Suggest a few Fridays for YOUR blog. Give us three dates after October 9th (we have picked on found people to post early on). Go into next year if you have to.
  3. Thereafter, we’ll do up a schedule BUT here’s the deal:
    • Everyone posts a blog each Friday for whomever’s turn it is. So if I go Sept 18, everyone who is participating posts a copy of my blog as their guest post. Why? Wider audience and it’s a great way to introduce new people to you, me, my cat, your wallpaper scraper (why is that in your purse anyway?).
    • Use this hashtag #PurseDumpProject when you post on social media. I think some cosmetic company is using #pursedump right now. Boooo hisssssssssss. So let’s use that one so people can easily set up auto-sharesies (and hey, we all want traffic, right?). 
  4. Soooo. Get your cameras/phones/pencils out. Draw the contents. Take a photo. Do a sculpture. Mold some mashed potatoes. For those who are writers, maybe you want to do what your character has in his/her/its pockets/satchel/loincloth?  Get creative with it. Take a pic and say what you wished you were carrying. What you forgot. Tell a story about the photos in your wallet. Why you have a Super Mario eraser. How many wooden spoons fit into your quilting tote? We don’t judge.
  5. BUT FIRST, we need to know who’s joining (and yes, you can join in the middle of the party… you’ll see how fun it is and you’ll want to be there). So let’s start there. When we get the first five or ten scheduled, we’ll email out the posts for the month so you can just book them all up (yay! scheduled posts)! Isn’t it fun to have easy breezy content? And let’s face it, who isn’t a voyeur?
  6. SO: Email me (and Jess, but she has a real job so I’m the coordinator) and let me know you’re onboard. Share this with friends. Enemies. Nice people with cool stuff. 

In Summary:

Email pursedump@lovextra.com:

  • Your Name (or Pseudo)
  • Blog URL
  • Suggest three Fridays AFTER October 9 which suit you. Can be into 2016. We’re not evil.

We’ll get back to you with a schedule and more instructions on what to send where, and when.

NOTE: Blogs need to be sent two weeks (at least) before they’re posted so everyone has time to get things ready. People travel, have lives, have computer crashes… so please make it easy on everyone.



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