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When You Get “The Call”

When You Get “The Call”

When You Get “The Call”

First: here is how it all started.

Offline today for #coffee and a #mammogram. No, not at the same time. 🙂 #breastcancerawareness #breastcancerawarenessmonth #getthegirlscheckedladies #weightwatchers

  I know what you’re thinking. The Call. Which Call? THE Call? The Calling? Don’t call us, we’ll call you?

No. The other call.

See, I put it in lowercase now, to remove some of its power. I mean, of course, the call one gets after a mammogram. The Call. The please come back we wanna see your boobs again call. Granted, I do have rather fetching boobs, but that’s not likely why they want me back. Intellectually I know the odds are in my favour. Early detection is the key. And I had my kids late (last one when I was almost 45, and now I’m perimenopausal) so I would imagine my breasticles are chock-full of bumps and dense tissue.

But it did remind me of something:

I didn’t go when I could have. I could have gone as early as 2013 but avoidance is my watchword. I’m conflict adverse when it comes to health issues (except when they are someone else’s of course). So I did what every other woman would have done: I tip-toed to the bathroom to have a sniffle. Odds and statistics aside, you’re gonna feel that call. Then I ate a mini-Snickers (2 Weight Watchers points) and called my long-suffering hubs to tell him to get that day off so I could take the train into the Big City and eat donuts have my appointment. I’ll bring my ereader. Enjoy some subdued lighting in the waiting room. In fact, a mini-vacay. In fact, that’s how I treated my mammo trip last week. An excuse to read Loretta Chase’s Lord of Scoundrels in French:  

@******  said it was ok so it must be so. Back on the train. Mammo done. How many times can I read #LordofScoundrels by #LorettaChase ? That, my friends, is a true Zen koan — not to mention, rhetorical. Only Terri L Austin knows for sure….. And for the record… It’s not really a trashy book! 🙂

It has a great title in French: Le Prince de débauchés. It’s a favourite of my friend Terri L Austin and she passed the love onto me.   So what’s the point of today’s blog? It’s four-fold. 1 – Get things checked. 2 – Read Lord of Scoundrels 3 – Get things checked 4 – Oh, and get things checked.  


        Which kinda reminds me, next year is the hose-up-the-bum test. Shudder. By that point at least I will have FINALLY finished Le Prince de débauchés and moved onto Le dernier des débauchés.


Before you go: Last week was also when I first heard about this program to  donate one’s hair for the making of wigs. Since my hair, bizarrely, has NOT gone grey, I decided to grow my roots out and participate. So while you all think warm and fuzzy thoughts for my next mammo (curiously, November 11), please say another prayer or have another few warm and fuzzies that I don’t go grey before January 2017 so I can donate at least ONCE in my life to this worthy cause. 

And for those who can and are willing, find some information here from the Canadian Cancer Society: http://www.cancer.ca/en/get-involved/support-us/donate-your-hair/

I’m sure there’s one for my US friends. And please jump in on it! Don’t let those dudes in Moovember show us up! They only have to do it for a month, whoopie-ding. We have to grow ours out for at least a year (dye-depending). 

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